Finalise Affirmation of His Beatitude Theophilos III Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem

The Greek Orthodox Church has duly elected a new Patriarch of Jerusalem. This process was legally conducted and the newly elected Patriarch, His Beatitude Theophilos III, immediately enjoyed full endorsements  by  all of the other Christian Churches, by the Jordanian Government and by the Palestinian Authority. These are the required approvals. The Israeli government must also affirm the legal status of the Patriarch. The Israeli's process is taking additional time and consequently the new Patriarch cannot discharge his duties or take possession of the residence or business affairs of his Church.

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Working toward Palestinian - Israeli Peace

Throughout the history of the modern State of Israel, peace has eluded all of the people of the region PTWF is working with prominent Palestinians who wish to give the Palestinian people another choice. Contrary to media coverage of this region, the Palestinians and the Israelis desperately want peace. The media seems to only report on the exceptional few extremists. The truth is all of of the people from both sides have the same message. For three generations we have been at war and we don't want our children to have to continue this.


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"It is with affection that I greet the members of the Pave the Way Foundation and I thank Mr. Krupp for the
kind words which he has addressed to me on your behalf"
Pope John Paul II- January 18, 2005



Jerusalem Medal from the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land


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